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When Brad Eshbach interviewed for a job at Publicis-owned Denuo, the agency didn’t ask much about his experience, his former employers or even about his previous client work. Instead, the interview was based around a website he created one weekend that tracks the number of people in space at any given moment, aptly named HowManyPeopleAreInSpaceRightNow.com.

“I made the site on a whim, slightly inebriated, at 2 a.m. one morning in 2009,” Eshbach said. “But I had no idea what it would turn into. It’s done more for me professionally than anything else I’ve ever done.

Want To Build An Agency Career? Make Something.

Jack Marshall at DigiDay wrote a smart piece about how having side projects that you can speak passionately about will do more for your career than even the prettiest of resumes.

Not gonna to lie… it felt great waking up to this article being all over my feeds.

The software savants at Panic have realesed their newest project, Status Board.

It’s basically a beautiful and detailed information dashboard designed for your iPad. You simply use the easy, built-in panels to automatically see data about your digital life.

A few months back Cabel, Panic’s cofounder, asked if he could use my space site to illustrate how fun Status Board is. The app launched today and I couldn’t be happier to see a big ole “6” all over the press shots.

If you are a data/viz nerd check out Status Board and thank me later.