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This is This Mountain. A talented group of dudes, a few of which I grew up with, that make the music that most reminds me of home. Glad to see they are having success. They are on the edge of something great.

A collaborative group of friends and musicians making lovely folk-rock tunes for themselves and others. From Johnson City, TN they have been making music together since the fall of 2010, and have been capturing ears and getting bodies moving in the region. In the fall of 2011 they released a four song, self-titled EP and released their first full-length album August 21, 2012. And they may well soon be coming to a town near you.


Ever seen Makey Makey? We had the inventor, Jay Silver, at PopTech last fall. We found this vid on NPR. Watch J.Viewz use Makey Makey to play a cover of “Teardrop” using fruits and vegetables. 

Wakey wakey it’s time for Makey Makey

Abide - This Mountain



This Mountain


Future Ghost



Driving. When I listen to this song, “Abide,” I am reminded of the image that my mind put together while I made my way to meet the guys from This Mountain in their practice space, located in a house that four of them share. Images. This is a more accurate statement to set up what my experience was like. I made my way around Boone Lake in Johnson City, TN to see the frame by frame documentation of my evening. I arrived at a house settled on the corner of a road, a stones throw from the lake I had just enircled. I entered through a rear door that radiated waves of serenity across my body and into the atmosphere. These same waves travelled invisibly, particle to particle, vibrating, merging with the wind. Thoughts and feelings became manna for the world. Ideas made manifest through movement.

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We Are Song Birds is a new writing project my old friend Aaron Free is working on. He’s interviewing artists and putting together some thoughtful pieces on music, storytelling and life.

His latest is with This Mountain, a folk band from my home town made up of an insanely talented group of guys I grew up with.

Click play, listen to the song while you read what Aaron has to say.

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