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This may be my favorite CH video of the year. The actor (Carl Foreman Jr) completely nails the tone and speech pattern of a subway panhandler. 

First reaction shot is so great.

This is brilliant. He sounds EXACTLY like a train panhandler. Its awesome to watch the annoyance in everyone’s eyes turn into confusion and then laughter. Just beautiful.


I think everyone’s pretty much in agreement that the PS4 hasn’t been a good announcement for Microsoft. 

The console war is Microsoft’s battle to lose and they appear to be doing a bang up job of doing just that.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Sure, core gamers are in a tizzy (hilariously so) over what microsoft is doing. But, will losing the few nerds they piss off enough to switch teams be anywhere near the number of “non gaming” consumers that they’ll win over with next level entertainment features?

Then again, $500 seems ridiculous.

Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail 

This kid’s reaction after he drops his cymbal is a perfect metaphor for everything.

When in doubt, respectfully salute the closest flag.


This was magical.

If you ever needed a reason to follow @TheDailyShow, this is it.

Here’s the original segment, in case you missed it.

1) This is perfect and hilarious 

2) This format (tumblr photosets of gifs/screenshots) is a near perfect way to tell short culture stories like this. I made the observation a few years ago when these kinds of posts first started popping up on Tumblr and am so happy they have taken off like they have.

(via huffpostcomedy)